Facilitating Change Management

The Challenge:

One of our partners was implementing a new selling and delivery system to improve efficiencies and increase customer effectiveness. This change impacted the entire organization through change in processes, procedures, and systems.


The Solution:

We worked with the leadership to develop a change management plan to identify and address all areas of change.  The first step was to assess the organization’s readiness for change. We were able to project areas of potential resistance that were present in order to appropriately address in during the change process. The second step was to enlist team leaders who would champion the change.   We strategically picked leaders would be courageous and also inclusive in their approach.

We then created a consistent message about why the change was needed and clearly communicated that message to the entire organization. As part of the implementation process, the entire organization was brought together and trained on the new processes and procedures.  We went through a “Walk in the other’s shoes” exercise that helped workgroups understand the challenges that other team members faced. This helped to increase teamwork and understanding of the challenges. The future vision was repeated regularly and incorporated into all relevant parts of the organization.

We also worked to build consensus with key stakeholders to have them help champion the change. We developed cross-functional program teams who helped ensure that all relevant views are represented. This created effective buy-in to the change.  We then assigned process owners and aligned resources.

We also evaluated how reward programs will be impacted by the change. We ensued that the organization’s reward system would align with the direction the organization was headed.

We then implemented the action plan with specific dates and monitored initiatives.


The Results:

The main goal of this initiative was to serve the customer better.  Post the “go-live” date the results were impressive. Customer satisfaction scores increased by 26% post the rollout. The organization’s employee satisfaction survey results improved by 14%.