What We Do

“You save tremendous amounts of time, energy and money when you tap into the human resources of a business at every level” -Steven Covey

RDI-HR is here to help your tap into the value of your human resources. We will help you assess and close the gaps in key areas to take your organization from where you are today to where you need to be in the future. RDI-HR provides organizations with human capital solutions that result in measurably improved employee and organizational performance while minimizing employment practice risk.

Our areas of expertise include:


Strategic HR

As your strategic HR partner, RDI-HR will help you identify opportunities in the area selection, development, rewards and retention of employees to deliver value.

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Leadership & Talent

Value comes from building leadership and talent capability that is noticed by customers, investors, and employees. RDI-HR can help you develop strong leadership that makes a difference and helps you drive your business.

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Change Management

Change is constant.  The world is moving faster, and competitive pressures are becoming more demanding. Organizations that know how to manage change versus reacting to change outpace their competition.
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Team Development

We help teams work effectively together by identifying what is working within the team and diagnosing where there are opportunities for improvement. 
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Individual Development

We help individuals understand where they are and help them develop an action plan to get to where they want to be.
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Who We Are

We are your outsourced HR Business Partner. Whether you are looking for a consultant, coach, trainer or speaker RDI-HR is here to help you.

Our founder, Jennifer Rittenhouse, is an accomplished Human Resources executive with an extensive and proven track record of working closely with leaders at all levels, in a variety of organizations to build winning cultures, develop leaders, and design and implement HR systems and practices that drive performance and results. With decades of progressive business experience, Jennifer has served on the leadership teams of large and small companies prior to becoming a consultant and trusted advisor. Her specialties are in the areas of strategic planning, organizational alignment, leadership development, executive coaching, staffing and selection, compensation, and performance management strategies, as well as training and development.
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Why We Are Different



As a strategic partner, we enter each engagement with a total view of our client’s business.  We consider the broader impact of how our work contributes to and impacts business objectives.



As your partner, we are not merely reactive to situations. We initiate value-add strategies to enhance our clients’ workforce and mitigate their risks.



We think out of the box and do not assume that ‘how it has always been done’ is the best way. We leverage technology and new ideas to continuously improve.



We honor the culture, mission and values of our clients by aligning our style and approach to their environment.

What Our Partners Say

Case Studies

Examples of our work

Improving Leadership Skills

One of our partner organizations was struggling with current supervisors not having the leadership skills required to effectively manage the organization.

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Assessing and Developing Staffing Solutions

One of our partners was struggling to recruit and retain candidates to their open positions. Applicant flow was poor and time to fill positions was over 120 days.

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Facilitating Change Management

One of our partners was implementing a new selling and delivery system to improve efficiencies and increase customer effectiveness. This change impacted the entire organization through change in processes, procedures, and systems.

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Definition: 1) the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing. 2) a deep understanding of a person or thing.
Facing today’s most pressing business challenges means finding discernment and awareness of areas of growth and opportunity for you and your business. It all begins with self-understanding.  Through our experience in working with organizations and people, as well as our extensive research in emerging trends, we have gained some valuable insights that will help you think, learn and grow”.
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Each project is customized to meet your specific business needs.  Contact us to begin a dialogue about how we can help you achieve your human capital needs.

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